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Yes – you made it through college. Got yourself that high flying job. Maybe you are moving up the ranks towards a partnership. Maybe you even already made it to the top. Landed yourself a corner office – or at least you have a booth with a view … Your colleagues and clients admire you. Your friends and family praise you for your success. Yet when you are alone at night and are staring into your bathroom mirror, you are wondering: who am I?

In your quest to treat your clients, your loved ones, your children in a righteous manner, you have forgotten to live life on your own terms. You are living by the (law) books. Meeting expectations set by others. You are managing your private life. Work-life balance – of course you have one, you are still standing, aren’t you? But in reality, you are in a treadmill that just won’t stop. Trying to deny that nagging feeling of not belonging. You feel cornered into a way of living that is not truly yours.

Where are YOU?

For there is more to you. Deep down, there is a fire burning. You desire to OWN your life again. To do JUST by yourself. To just BE yourself. You crave freedom.

Indeed, you have a RIGHT to live, to feel, to love and to savor life in every moment. Just getting by does not do it for you anymore. You realize that merely managing and existing is not living. You were not born to survive. You were born to THRIVE!

I want you to flourish, to expand, to simply be YOU. It is time to make a case for being LEGALLY YOU. Fully you. Yes you are an ace professional. But there is so much more to you that deserves to be seen. That deserves to be out there. Are you ready to take a major step towards your regaining control over your life? Are you ready to design your own perfect corner office, to escape from the booth? Are you ready to face the music?

How about we face the music AND dance? You know that change can be fun. Change can be creative, expansive, intuitive and most of all, YOU can do it. You made it through college, remember? Where you were taught that what seems just, is not always right. That there are a great many shades of grey (if only in the suits of your colleagues …). Yet for you, a more colorful life awaits. Where you live up to your true colors.

Let me take you on a journey of transformational change.

Let me challenge you. Even, I am known for that (aren’t all lawyers?), irritate you.

Make you laugh. Cry. Dance. Sing. Rejoice. BELIEVE.

Whatever it takes to help you break through your barriers. Aide you in constructing YOUR future.

YOUR journey starts now.

Or As I Simply Put It: It Is Time To Move Into YOUR Corner Office.


4 sessions One life-changing experience.

Session #1 Where are you now?

In the first part of your journey to change, we look at where you are now. We will analyze where and why you lost your mojo. Where the joy left your life. What caused you to feel stuck.

We will investigate which areas in life bring you joy. And more importantly, which ones don’t.

Knowing where you are right here, right now, gives a clear indication of which steps to take to bring you back to your core. To YOUR life.

Session #2 Step into your journey.

To create the life you deserve, you need to set the compass.

In this section, we use a range of techniques to visualize what you truly want and deserve, and move through the obstacles that are holding you back.

In the words of the Flemish poet Herman de Coninck:

“this is the supporting wall / this one we’ll leave / that and that wall will go / to open up great spaces”.

Let me assure you: this is not “woo-woo”. As a fellow lawyer, I have learned to approach spirituality and movement in a most practical manner.

Through movement, EFT, distance reiki and creative visualization, your new possibilities emerge and we map out the steps of your change.

Session #3 InteriYOUR design

In this session we will declutter, design and create. It is time to (pack) these imaginary boxes out of the office booth and to move towards your corner office. A space that will provide you with the freedom of movement, the freedom of choice, the freedom of being. a place that will bring out the best in you. Whether this place is at your current office, your home, a coffee corner, a beach club … there are no limits!

We will explore your options to add flexibility to your working days. Which legal and organizational matters require solving? Furthermore, we will truly tackle your working mindset. Decluttering all those limited beliefs. Making you realize that “working” need not be limited to an office in a city center. During 9-5 or worse, 9 to whenever.

And we will get practical. Assess your current working environment, and come up with ways to make it more YOU. Instantly.

Your ideal corner office awaits you – it is almost time to move in …

Session #4 Practical tools for your trip; your toolbox for life.

Chances are, our (legal) minds are quite similar. And you do not wish to end this program just knowing that your direction is set, change is underway, and shifts are happening.

You are eager to set the foundations for long lasting change. We will map these out together. Go over any legal, emotional, practical, organizational matters that you encounter on your journey towards change. Towards your corner office.

You will leave this session with a practical step plan, a life-guide, enabling you to fulfill your goals and desires. Knowing the tools to keep you on track will ensure that on a day to day level you are heading towards your dream life – even after our time together.

To speak with me to find out how The Corner Office can help you create the life you did not even dare to dream of anymore, schedule a complimentary consultation

To speak with me to find out how The Corner Office can help you create the life you did not even dare to dream of anymore, schedule a complimentary consultation.