3 augustus 2016
Change dear audience is not a yeah yeah yeah bungee-jump, it is a step by step process. Like everything in nature. But we can make progress incrementally.

How To Make Progress Incrementally

Meet Olivia. Olivia (*) is a highly talented legal and compliance executive who lacked a sense of belonging in her job. When she entered this firm a little under a year ago, she was fully fired up to bring their compliance files from a dark cellar into the 21st century. […]
16 mei 2016
Hustle. Love it Hate it Do it Shake it. What is my take on this phenomenon?

Do the Hustle

The Hustle. Love it, Hate it, Do it, Shake it. What is my take on this phenomenon? From a Bore-Out Coaching perspective, anything to get that booty out of corporate boredom-land I favour. Breaking out of a bore-out requires action. Fierce action. A(nalyse) C(atalyse) E(xercise) yourself out of the cubicle-dullness. […]