25 januari 2017
Is the eternal hunt for motivation keeping your from actually achieving your goals? As long as you are searching for motivation, you are not DOING anything.

Create YOUR World in 15 Minutes a Day

You were all fired up. Ready to create your new shiny morning routine. You read about it. You wanted it. You planned for it. You set your alarm clock for it.¬†And then … It is 5.30 am: Ringalingadingaling!! Alarm clock set out of reach. No snooze. You have to get […]
17 augustus 2016
Boredom Buster - create your own reality! This blog was written back in February, when I facing major issues in my then apartment. It had been sold already and in the run up to the legal transfer, 4 leakages appeared. In the midst of the chaos created by this overflow, I decided to create my own reality. Every single thing I wrote, came true. When you feel like there is no way out, WRITE your way out. Give it a try - write yourself a (Ever)note, email, post-it. With a day in the future. Write in the present tense. Sit back. Trust the Universe. Keep moving towards your future.

My Road to the White House

15 August 2016 – yes! I just got handed the keys to our new house. The White House – in Hoofddorp. It has been a rocky road. Very rocky. One would say, with a quick sale of my apartment, things would run smoothly. One was mistaken … So yeah, even […]
3 augustus 2016
Change dear audience is not a yeah yeah yeah bungee-jump, it is a step by step process. Like everything in nature. But we can make progress incrementally.

How To Make Progress Incrementally

Meet Olivia. Olivia (*) is a highly talented legal and compliance executive who lacked a sense of belonging in her job. When she entered this firm a little under a year ago, she was fully fired up to bring their compliance files from a dark cellar into the 21st century. […]
27 juli 2016
We're all multi-talented and skilled. There is lots we COULD do. However, what we SHOULD do is what makes us tick. It's never too late to get back on track.

How To Get Back On Track

A Coach-Coachee¬†Role-Reversal In the run up to my first launch, I spotted a request from Judith(*) in a Facebook group. Would anyone be interested in beta-testing her online course? The course focused on providing structure to corporate professionals who were contemplating leaving the 9 to 5. As the description fitted […]
11 juli 2016
All children dream about the future. As we grow older, we are pushed into being "realistic". Your passion subsides. Your drive shrinks. Your dreams vanish.

Forgotten Dreams

Sailing, I Am Sailing, Home Again, Across the Seas … Dreaming Big – most people would expect a story about going forward. But Dreams can also take you back – to where you are rooted, to where you belong. You see, all children dream about the future. Where will I […]