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Who Are You? – A Story of Duality and Unsung Heroes
10 oktober 2015
All children dream about the future. As we grow older, we are pushed into being "realistic". Your passion subsides. Your drive shrinks. Your dreams vanish.
Forgotten Dreams
11 juli 2016
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Hustle. Love it Hate it Do it Shake it. What is my take on this phenomenon?

The Hustle. Love it, Hate it, Do it, Shake it. What is my take on this phenomenon?

From a Bore-Out Coaching perspective, anything to get that booty out of corporate boredom-land I favour. Breaking out of a bore-out requires action. Fierce action. A(nalyse) C(atalyse) E(xercise) yourself out of the cubicle-dullness. Hustling gets the creative juices flowing. The energy-rush from coming up with something brainy that kick-starts your business. The thrill of a catch. The joy of having provided a useful service to someone. It gets your blood flowing. It gives you meaning. Bored? Who was bored?

The Reality of the Hustle

Yet, as a mere mortal combining a still full-time corporate job, single motherhood and setting up online ventures, hustling is a challenge. On days like today, where not even 10 coffees can shake off those endless Groundhog Days and sleepless nights, hustling just tips the scale. In a bad way. If I read about one more “this is how you hustle yourself to a million bucks” checklist (get up at 4 am to spam everybody on this planet)… I will, I will, I will find out where that person lives, and hustle a huge rock through the bedroom window. Way before 4 am, obviously.

So many voices in our head. Sleep. Do not sleep so you can beat the competition. Biz-time. Me-time. Any-time. Lean in. Do not lean in…

How about just standing up straight for a day – that would be ace!

Any side-hustle will take time and energy. Else you will not succeed. So yes, I also put in extra hours. Yet, I learned the hard way that I can only stretch so far. Evenings are a no no for me. After a day that starts at 5.30 am when my son gets up and ends at 8.30 pm when he is in bed and I had a half-decent dinner, I am done for. So I use my natural early-bird rhythm to make some headway. If you were thinking of returning the rock through window favour, you would have to be really early…

Follow Your Dream, Your Way

Follow your dream. Put in an extra mile to make your business work for you. Strive for world-domination if you wish. But by all means, do not turn your corporate bore-out into a business burn-out! I said an extra mile, not a full triathlon! Remember your WHY: freedom. Of time. Choice. Energy.

If you overload yourself too much too soon, you will have out-hustled yourself before any of us got to enjoy your endless wisdom.

Do the Hustle – but you decide the beats per minute.