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27 juli 2015
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I am a lawyer. Am I?

Dear legal clients and co-workers, no need to take out the liability insurance. I did properly graduate from law school in 1997. Do trust in my alma mater, the University of Amsterdam – she faithfully handed me my law degree. The graduation was a joyous occasion. Friends and family gathered in the University hall and they saw me complete an education, in which I had invested a lot of time and money.

When I was 8 years old, I already knew I wanted to study law. I started out on a small scale. The library where I practically lived (I read an average of 20 books per week) had a series of books explaining legal matters in a “Dummy” sort of way. I started with 100 questions about divorce. My parents got separated when I was 4 and I wondered about how that all played out legally. Once I had finished the complete series, I just knew that law was the way to go for me.

Being an attorney-at-law however, I was never drawn to it. Not even, or even less, when I had worked at a law-firm for many years. My childhood dream of becoming an ambassador was traded in for a more practical approach to earning an income and I entered into the world of fiduciary services. Company lawyer it said on the business card. Yet it always felt to me like something I DID. When asked about my profession, I would always say: I work in a trust firm. Or currently, for a Dutch holding company of a multi-national.

Hence the question: AM I a lawyer?

Especially in the corporate world, I see so many people identify themselves completely with their profession. Their lives are scheduled in a way to fully accommodate work. 9 to 5 turns into 9 to whenever without them even noticing. For isn’t live all about working? Is it not great to be well-respected as a professional, seemingly successful? Is that not what they had always strived for? But underneath their corporate suits, who are they?

I have meanwhile answered that question for myself. First and foremost, I AM SANDRA. I am a Woman. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Friend. These are parts of me, roles if you like, that I experience as BEING. That I cannot easily switch off. Given by nature and carried by the heart and soul.

When it comes to what I do for a living (which is a funny expression in itself. Making a living? No, I am receiving an income in return for services I render. Life, I build upon that more out than in the office). These are all things I DO. Or aspire to do. Multi-entrepeneur. Modern times slasher. No, not slashing in a Psycho kind of way – passing on the notion that we all, to a certain extent, are capable of appearing in The Shining. I refer to the corporate lawyer/compliance officer/coach/healer/nutritional expert. Slashes will be added or deleted as my entrepreneurial skills improve. As my biz-appetite changes. All this “doing” is there to facilitate Life as I want to lead it – in optimum health & wealth!

Jump over to my Facebook business page and tell me: do you identify fully with your profession? Or is there another answer to the question: who ARE you? If you are not sure – I would love to be part of your discovery journey!