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20 juli 2015
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I am a lawyer. Am I?
3 augustus 2015
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Diversification is the new black.

Once upon a time …. I entered into the corporate world thinking that as a lawyer, I would find security there. Steady job, steady income, steady personal growth.

Only to find out over time that there is not an employer too big, a transaction too large, a system too secure, to ultimately fail and fall over. Companies I worked for merged, not always with brilliant results. Clients that brought in a continuous income-flow went broke. The fiduciary services industry as a whole got targeted more and more.

At the end of 2012 I left the hard core fiduciary industries, when I was offered an opportunity to work as a company lawyer in-house. Looking after the corporate structure of one firm, one owner. To date that is my main source of income, and where I spend my 9 to 5 days. I love my profession, I really do. And I happen to have landed in a wonderful office, surrounded by like-minded work hard play hard colleagues, who also have a great sense of humour. No need to put on a mask (do not use make-up for starters) when I go to work – I can truly be me here.

Yet …. Do I count on this setting forever? No. Companies change. People change. More importantly: I change. Not in a headless chicken running around kind of way. As I mature (love that word) I discover parts of myself that I would love to develop. Am called more and more towards story-telling. Helping others to discover their passion – through listening, guiding and drafting strategies. Working with energy keeps crossing my path – EFT, Reiki, Chakra-dance. Skills I would love to either obtain or further build on. Healing – to heal myself, and to help others to heal.

So as a first step, before and after office-hours, I went on a discovery trail to set up an online coaching program. Met some great people along the way who supported me on my journey. Nurturing goddess Jacqueline Conroy. Blog and work-life-balance coach, Jo Gifford. Nutrition and fitness specialist Rosa Coelho. Fit in 20 minutes drillmaster Daan Stobbe. Spiritual coaches – Joanna Hennon, Jo Lister, Kelly Dawn and Nichola Charlene. Inner-child and womanhood coach Nadine Schartz. Reiki-master and best massage-therapist on this planet, Lucia Orlando. EFT and biz master Makenna Johnson. And last but not least my fabulous business coach – Shana Lynn Yao. They kept me going even in my darkest hours, in which I doubted my skills, gifts and abilities.

As a result, I launched The Corner Office-program a few weeks ago – of which I am extremely proud. Through this program, I get to assist a lot of professionals seeking a way out of the 9-5. Am not heavily promoting it yet. My idea of building this business is through story-telling (hence this weekly blog) and relationship-building. Also not forgetting that for now, this business is to be woven into my daily schedule. Family first – I have to take care of myself and Tony first and foremost. Day-job second – it deserves my time and attention. Thirdly – The Corner Office.

Will I in the future count only on The Corner Office to feed me – emotionally, spiritually and financially? No. My clients will absolutely benefit from my time, attention and dedication. As I aim not to take on more than 2 to 3 clients per month. Ensuring that each professional gets the results she desires.

However, diversification is the new black, as I always say. Alongside my day-job and The Corner Office, I render external compliance services. Fully cloud-based – such joy to at least partially be location and time independent. Similar independence can be found in being a representative for a firm that is all about improving health through nutrition. Having first tested their energising capsules and lushious shakes myself, I am now able to guide many men and women on their health-journey.

I am working towards a very holistic approach of serving people. Whereby I will incorporate the coaching, nutrition (getting more and more knowledgeable on this subject) and soul-filling activities such as Reiki, EFT and Chakra-dance. Working on this concept is so extremely energy-giving. Cannot even start to describe how this path enlightens me. It is not something I have to set aside time for – it is within me 24/7 and all small steps are falling into place. Trusting the flow. Trusting the pace. Trusting myself.

Trust in YOURself too – the real you is never far away!