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Moving in … to the Corner Office!
2 juli 2015
Diversification is the new Black
27 juli 2015
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ballet feet

Two steps forward, one step back.

Last week I finally did it: launched The Corner Office. Ready to deeply engage in the promotion of this program. Fully fired up to serve professionals seeking a way out of their 9 to 5 existence. My fabulous web-designer set up an amazing Facebook business page. Received great responses from friends and business contacts.

I was good to go – no, I was great to go ….

So I was absolutely determined not to let the nagging, nasty pain in my left foot hold me down. Come on Sandra, bite your teeth, you have been through worse. Certainly a small inconvenience would not stop you from marching into the entrepreneurial world at full speed? After all, a life-time ago I also had to let go of my ballet-dream as my feet had been deemed too flat … and I made it through that disappointment with ease.

The pain started a fortnight ago. I was engaged in a wonderful and enlightening meditation session, discovering my true calling, when I was forced to “ground”. To land on earth – a planet, as it seems, I tried to avoid being a part of (in a spiritual sense) for too long. That landing however proved to be a harsh one. That very evening, I started to feel a nasty nagging pain in my left heel. I tried to deny it – maybe I was just tired. Or had worn the wrong shoes. Certainly it would pass with a bit of rest …

Apart from the fact that getting a bit of rest was not on my mind nor agenda (the day-job remained demanding, my son started his summer vacation and I had just launched my business), the pain got worse over the weekend. Worse and worse …

When a friend saw me struggling on Monday last (I could hardly walk up or down the stairs) he suggested for me to see my GP as soon as possible. Meanwhile my other foot had started to hurt as well. The next day I went to see my GP. X-rays were taken.

Whilst the doctors were seeking a logical explanation for my pain, a Dutch saying came to mind. We have an expression “door je hoeven zakken” that wildly translates as: sinking through your hooves. Too much weight on your shoulders – or better said, feet …

Had I not taken on more than I could chew? Was it time for me to take a step back? As the Spirit Guides had advised me at the beginning of the week: acknowledge to yourself what has been happening and what it means for who you are. Because does it not mean that you are a powerful creator? Does it not mean that your message matters and is needed in the world? Does it not mean that if you only allow greatness in yourself then greatness will manifest?

So I decided to take a small pause. To BREATHE. Rejoiced in the creation of The Corner Office. Engaged in self-care – enjoyed a lovely massage. Got pointers on how to utilise my Reiki skills to reduce the pain. Planned fun for the weekend – including salsa dancing at a Marc Anthony concert (spiritually extremely uplifting – in the flow of the dance, I found myself again). Had a great Sunday afternoon with my son, a former colleague and his lovely Mexican wife – laughter and Latin family spirit.

A new week has begun. The doctors offered a solution to the foot-problem. Soon I shall be adding fancy support soles to my dancing shoes – these will support my arch. Support I will also give and allow to be given to my soul. Sole and soul – a magical combination. Stepping forward at a slightly slower and more realistic pace – but as ever determined to guide myself and other worthy women through a step-by-step journey to a more fulfilling life.

Step along with me!