About You

You landed on this page expecting to hear my story. We will come to that later. For my whole business is built around YOU. It is all about welcoming you to YOUR life. Where you can rewrite your story and create your own perfect space – to live, work, and rejoice.

When I tell you that you are still the vibrant, lively, valuable, go-getting lady you think you have lost along the way – do not turn your head as if I am speaking to the woman standing behind you. I am talking to YOU.

Remember the times

Remember the days when the world seemed filled with opportunities to grow, enjoy and just BE? I can see a frown coming up. Dig deeper. Those days may have been in your early childhood. In your teens. In college. In your first job. You were shining. Having fun. Doing. Go-getting. Being independent. Feeling alive.

Life happened when you were …

And then life happened. Somehow, you lost the grip on your story. It may have been a big life event knocking you down. Or it may have been a series of small events leading up to a certain feeling of “blurgh”. Of not belonging. Of not recognizing yourself in the mirror. As I once did, you may even have found yourself whispering at that mirror: who am I? And there was no response.

Dream big and embrace your life

What if I told you that you could feel wonderful again? Welcome in YOUR life? That it is not too late to change. To shine. To OWN your life, and not merely manage it. That you can make that mirror talk back to you. That you can hang that mirror in your own corner office – the place you will design, the place where you belong.

Live life

Trust me – it is possible. For I will be the voice in the mirror. Telling you that YOU can be anyone you want to be. Still. There is time. Together, we can make that happen. Right now. You are nearly there.

About me

Call me what you like: Storyteller Strategist. Conscious Catalyst. Focus Facilitator. Awareness Advocate. Clarity Counselor. Transformation Aide. As I simply say: being Sandra. My sole purpose is to provide you with the tools and solutions that allow you to be YOU again..

Trust me, I am a lawyer (too)

In the field of fiduciary services, I belong to the top 5% of legal players. I am a certified Master at Law with over 25 years of experience in the trust-industry. A legal extraordinaire. An artisan at law. Some of the wealthiest people on the planet entrust me with their assets. They wish to ensure that not only they, but also their great grandchildren, can benefit from their efforts and live a fulfilling life.

Surprise surprise

But first and foremost, I am a Master at the Law of Life. Born and raised in Amsterdam. My parents were in their mid 40s when they had me – I came as a bit of a surprise. Or, as they pointed out, I was an “accident”. My brothers, 16 and 18 at the time, were happy they finally got a pet… The change in family-dynamics ultimately led to my parents splitting up when I was 4. My mother collapsed – and I had to be “responsible” from that moment on.


A shy, insecure, highly-sensitive and intelligent child with lovely red hair, I was an easy target at school. Harassed every day, I had to question my value as of an early age. I found an escape in reading and learning. By the age of 8, seeking clarity and justice, I had already decided that I wanted to study law. After high-school (which compared to primary school was a heavenly place to be), I started to work as a secretary at a law firm whilst studying law part-time. Too responsible to “just” study. The value-issues however continued – some guys took advantage of my insecurities.


The dancing years
When I finally landed myself a great, trustworthy, loving guy it became apparent that I still had a lot soul-searching to do. I just could not settle. Married at 26, I got divorced at 30. At the time, I was living abroad at the wonderful Caribbean Island of Curacao. I had made a career in fiduciary services, and one of the prime locations happened to be Curacao. There I touched upon a new part of myself – the energetic, dance-loving, Latin part. Which led to a number of dances with Latin men. They may have led me well in the dance, they over-led me in daily life. For underneath my new found salsa-flavor, I was still a strong independent woman. Huge clashes – literally. There are certainly spiritual advantages to a near-death experience caused by strangling. My recommendation however is: do not try this at home.

Mirror mirror

This is when I had my mirror moment: who was I? Where was Sandra? And I escaped. After years of emotional imprisonment, my true value and purpose came shining through. There was no way back.

Up and down

Once I had recovered mentally and physically from this Peruvian power-play, I fell in love again. With a Cuban (yeah I should had woken up and smelled the coffee. Or rather: rum). He seemed attentive. Caring. We got married. Had a child – my wonderful son, who turned 5 recently. Yet when my son was 18 months old my husband left us. Moved to Miami. Never to be seen again. So there I was – divorced again at 41.

The road to success

I picked myself up – as you do. It took a lot of learning. Reading. Loving myself. Working on my chakras. Realizing that in my corporate career, I had not just focused on legal matters. I have calculated that I spent approximately 45,000 hours on coaching people. Team members. Other colleagues. I coach(ed) them on group dynamics. Transformation processes. Personal choices. Life in general.

And I decided to take the plunge – and started this blog. Acknowledging my true nature – for I was born a storyteller. Currently alongside my legal career (so breathe: I will not make you jump of a cliff into the great unknown – unless you consciously wish to do so!). Taking it step by step. And guess what: I feel welcome again in MY life. My business set me free. Made me feel at home in my kind of corner office – a most delightful café that serves the best latte in town.

And I have just one aim: to make you feel welcome again in YOUR life. Helping women like you is my true life purpose. I wish for you to write not just a new chapter, yet a whole new book in the series Being YOU. One with a happy end. Hop over to my Facebook page, where I will post weekly on all steps necessary to embrace your possibilities. To write a story that fits the real you. To showcase to the world who you really are and where you wish to go – truly there are no limits!